Light Music Albums by K J Yesudas


Ahimsa is one of the most famous albums produced by Ricardo Barrantes' Solarwind Music in the US and marketed in India, the Middle East and Singapore.
It is unique in that it has legendary singer Yesudas singing in Sanskrit, Latin and in English and in a mix of styles including New-Age and Carnatic. The message is of course Ahimsa and peace.


01. Ahimsa
02. Atta Apu
03. Beauty All Around
04. Circle of Return
05. Geethanjali
06. Hari
07. Misere
08. Nirahamhara
09. Sari Sari

Ahimsa - Light Music Album by Yesudas4Shared Publisher: sk

Sitaron Mein Tu Hi

Sitaron Mein Tu Hi is one of Yesudas's hit music albums in Hindi. Songs are written by Mehboob and the music direction by Maestro Lalit.


01. Chamak Cham Cham
02. Door Humse Na Tum
03. Dosti Hai Humne To Kiye
04. Ishq Mushq Na Chupte
05. Itna Bhi
06. Man Mohini
07. Sajni Sajni
08. Tu Jaan Hai
09. Tujh Se Bichhad Ke

Sanwari Saloni Us Pe

Sitaron Mein Tu Hi - Light Music Album by Yesudas4Shared Publisher: download songs

Voice of the Soul

This is the first work of the renowned music director Jerry Amal Dev, an album of 8 Hindi songs featuring Yesudas. This album was recorded in York, where Jerry was based then, in 1978. Despite the commendable work, the album went largely unnoticed as the records were never officially released in India. Some of these tunes were subsequently used in Malayalam films, remember songs such as Prakashanalam.., Athappovum nulli.. and Mounangale Chaanjaaduvan. Interestingly, the LP jacket art is credited to the singer, who was also into painting in his boyhood.


01. Aana Aan Jaana
02. De De Prabho
03. Hazaar Yaaden
04. Jaari Koyaliya
05. Jalte Rahenge
06. Mum Trahi Mum
07. Suna Hai Ki Tum Ho
08. Tim Tim Tim

Voice of the Soul - Light Music Album by Yesudas4Shared Publisher: jainpt

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